Hello, my name is Andrew Khmylov.

I currently live in Minsk, Belarus. I have graduated from Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics, Computer Science faculty in 2012.

My primary occupation is so-called ‘software engineering’.


I have created my first computer program in year 2002. It was an amazing experience, and it had a great impact on my future life. Since then I have always been learning new things and trying to improve my skills.

My current topics of interest (in no particular order): functional programming, distributed systems, data storage and processing, microservices, Docker, web-development, TypeScript, React, .NET, parsers, compilers, 3D programming, sound engineering, image processing, drums, vocals, self-improvement, and personal productivity.

My daily job is a full-stack engineer at Targetprocess. We build a modern agile project and process management tool. Before joining Targetprocess, I was in the mobile development business for several years. Outside of the daily job I built several personal mobile apps for the Windows Phone platform, some of them were quite successful and received a great user feedback.

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